What CC is a M8000?

The Arctic Cat M8000 is the new name for the Arctic Cat M8 snowmobile. It is powered by a 794 cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine. This engine turns a continuous track, the biggest of which measures 162 inches long x 15 inches wide x 2.6 inch lug. This model is known as a Sno-Pro.

How much does an Arctic Cat M8000 Weight?

2019 Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat 153 Specifications
Minimum Ski Stance (in/mm) 35.5 / 901.7
Length (ft/ft) 11
Length (ft/in) 0.3
Dry Weight (lbs/kg) 452 / 205

How wide is Arctic Cat M8000?

M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One
Overall Chassis Height 50 in.
Track Type Powerclaw
Track Width 15 in.
Track Length 146 in. or 154 in. or 165 in.

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How long is a 162 snowmobile?

2019 Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat 162 Specifications
Steering Control Handlebar
Tilt Steering Standard
Technical Specifications:
Length (ft) 11.44

Is a longer track better on a snowmobile?

Long tracks are more suitable for deeper snow riding. They are used for snowmobiles that need a longer track to maintain floatation and traction in non-compacted snow. This can be utility, 2 passenger, cross-over, or mountain snowmobiles. A longer track length is usually at least 136 inches (3.45 meters) long.

What is the best snowmobile track length for trail riding?

What is the best snowmobile track length for trail riding? Trail riding snowmobiles should have a track length between 120 and 140 inches. This is pretty short, but it’s the ideal length for trail riding because it makes the sled a little more maneuverable and easier to handle for the average rider.

What size track is good for trail riding?

The tracks in the 130s are considered more favorable for trail and 140s more favorable for off-trail. A longer track is more effort to steer as you the is more track pushing forward. A benefit of the long track is better performance in deeper snow, and it rides over stutter bumps and moguls.

What is the length of a snowmobile?

The average length of a snowmobile will fall into a range between 115-135 inches. That means most snowmobiles are about 9.5-11 feet long. The average width of a snowmobile is anywhere between 43-50 inches.

How long is a 165 snowmobile?

Vehicle overall length: 3,451 mm / 135.9 in. (165 in.) Vehicle overall width: 1,080 to 1,110 mm / 42.5 to 43.7 in.

Will a snowmobile fit on a 4×8 trailer?

A small trailer can only fit one small snowmobile. If you have a mini sled, then you may resort to a 4×8 trailer. You can fit a snowmobile with almost the same width as the trailer and haul it for more than a hundred miles.

How do you measure the length of a snowmobile?

Does track pitch matter?

Specifically, the drive pitch would be a measurement of the center distance between drive lugs on the inner surface of the track, thus making the pitch specification very critical.

How long should snowmobile studs be?

If you have a newer trail sled chances are you have a 1.25 inch lug. The stud recommended for a 1.25 inch lug is a 1.325” or a 1.375” length snowmobile stud. They both get you about 3/8” over the lug for ideal combo of great traction and maximized longevity. Either size is so close that you cannot go wrong with either.

How do you tell what pitch a snowmobile track is?

Determining Snowmobile Track Pitch and Length
  1. Measure 10 pitches (the distance between 11 cross bars)
  2. Divide that measurement by 10.
  3. If the 10 pitch distance measured is 25¼” the pitch is 2.52”
  4. If the 10 pitch distance measured is 30” the pitch is 3.0”
  5. If the 10 pitch distance measured is 285/8” the pitch is 2.86”

When should I change my snowmobile track?

A snowmobile track is usually good for 3,000-15,000 miles. This is equivalent to 3-10 years of riding. The difference between the lower and upper limits is determined by riding style, terrain, studding, storage, and maintenance.

What pitch is a Polaris track?

The brand-new track from Polaris with a 2.75” lug and 3.5” pitch will be available in 155” and 165” lengths.

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