How many seasons of V 1983?

Television (which owns the television rights to the V franchise) declined to make a continuation as Johnson had planned, and opted for a remake instead. A reimagining of V premiered on ABC on November 3, 2009, and ran for two seasons.

What year did V come out?


How many episodes are in V?

V / Number of episodes

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Does the show V have an ending?

In the end, things got so bad that NBC cancelled the series after episode 19 of a 20-episode run, resulting in a maddening conclusion to the whole. The viewers are introduced in fateful episode 19 to the idea of the all powerful Leader of the Visitors, who’s finally arrived on Earth to settle things once and for all.

Will there be a season 2 of V?

Luther Swann (Somerhalder) whose best friend, Michael Fayne (Holmes), is infected by a mysterious disease. It transforms him into a murderous predator who feeds on other humans. As of November 7, 2022, V Wars has been cancelled so there won’t be a second season. Could it be revived someday?

What was the final episode of V?

The Return
V / Final episode

Why was the series V Cancelled?

Then, the show was canceled without any resolution. What it comes down to is that V was not getting high enough ratings to justify the cost to make it, and this was an expensive show to make. At the time, it was one of the biggest visual effects shows on television.

How many seasons does V have?

V / Number of seasons

Does V had a girlfriend?

The BTS member commented that he wants to keep his innocence as a young man on camera.

Will V ever get married?

BTS’ V continues to surprise his fans as the K-Pop singer is not afraid to show his romantic side on screen. Despite the alleged rumors, the idol revealed “being married and even having a child” in a recent video.

Did V end on a cliffhanger?

The series introduces a plethora of new characters, while eliminating others throughout the series. It ends on a cliffhanger, with the final episodes never being produced.

Why did V call himself V?

V was one of the last BTS members to be announced, so there was always a mystery around him. He once said in an interview that Big Hit Entertainment recommended three stage names for him: Six, Lex and V. In the end, though, the singer chose V because of how it represents “victory.”

Did V Get friendship tattoo?

BTS’ V says he got friendship tattoo inked on his butt, replies to fan who says Jungkook ignores them.

Who does V has a crush on?

V reportedly has a crush on Rachel McAdams and Lilly Collins. These two actresses are very well-known in the Hollywood industry for their amazing acting skills.

Who was V flirting with?

Amidst celebrating their recent successes, we take you back to the time Jimin and ended up hitting V aka Kim Taehyung after he openly flirted with Mochi’s girlfriend.

Who is the closest friend of V?

As we all know, BTS’ Jimin and V share a beautiful friendship. The BFFs are always there for each other.

What is V’s favorite pet?

V’s Pomeranian, Yeontan

Meet Yeontan – which means coal briquette in Korean – or Tannie for short. V can’t seem to stop himself from taking videos and pictures of Tannie and uploading them to his social media, and now Tannie has a fan base, as well.

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