What is a frog 62 bike for?

The 24-inch hybrid Frog 62 kids’ bike is the ideal multi-purpose geared bike, suitable for 8 to 10-year-olds. This premium hybrid children’s bike has a lightweight, sturdy aluminium frame, weighing 9.25kg making the bike easy to manoeuvre on roads, pavements, towpaths and forest trails.

What size is a frog 62 bike?

This super lightweight Frog Bike is the best option for a first 24 inch wheel bike. Its 12 inch frame means it will fit riders with an inside leg measurement of 62 – 72cm or aged around 8-10 years old.

What age is a frog 40 bike for?

The First Pedal Frog 40 is a great value bike for 3 to 4 year olds with an average inside leg of 40cm.

What age is a frog 48 bike for?

Frog advertises the 48 for kids ages 4 to 5, but you are better off measuring your child and basing your purchase based off that. Read this article for tips on fitting your child to a bike.

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Is it worth buying a Frog bike?

They are easy to learn on

Frog Bikes are extremely lightweight kids bikes which means that they are easier for small kids to manoeuvre. It is so important for them when they are learning to feel like they have control. It will help build their confidence more quickly.

Whats so good about a Frog bike?

The Frog balance bike is essentially a toddler’s bike without pedals that help children develop the necessary core balance skills to cycle. A great alternative to using training wheels. The Frog first pedal bikes are ideal for a child learning to pedal, helping them to build confidence in their cycling abilities.

What size is a 48 Frog bike for?

Sizing a child the Frog way!
Discontinued Models Minimum Recommended inside leg in cm (inches) Maximum Recommended inside leg in cm (inches)
Frog 48 43cm (17″) 53cm (21″)
Frog 52 (Single speed) 50cm (20″) 58cm (23″)
Frog 52 (Hybrid) 50cm (20″) 58cm (23″)
Frog 55 52cm (21″) 62cm (24″)

1 more row

What size frame is a frog 48?

Frog Bike Sizes – First Pedal Bikes

So the Frog 43 (the 14” wheel bike) will fit a child with a minimum inside leg measurement of 43cm and the Frog 48 (the 16” wheel bike) will fit an inside leg of 48cm or greater.

What is the difference between frog 44 and 48?

Frog 44 (ages 4-5 years)

The Frog 44 is the new 16″ wheel Frog Bike – it replaces the old Frog 48 and is suitable from an earlier age (or 4cm shorter legs). This means if you’re looking for a secondhand 16″ wheel Frog you’re better off looking at the Frog 48.

What age is a frog 44 bike for?

The Frog 44 First Pedal Kids Bike is the first of Frog’s new and improved frame range. It is the perfect bike for 4 to 5 year olds, designed to fit a minimum inseam of 16.5″ (for a child already experienced on a balance or pedal bike). Frog has reduced the weight of this model.

What age is a Frog 55 for?

The Frog 55 is a quality kids bike suitable for children aged 6 to 8 years, with a 20″ wheel size.

Why are all frog bikes out of stock?

As our bikes are made specifically for children, our components are custom-made by specialists. As the demand for components has increased, so have the delivery times, which creates a delay in having all the components readily available to be able to build the bikes.

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