What engine has K04 turbo?

One of the most popular modifications for a 1.8T is to replace the stock turbo with a K04; it’s slightly larger, but still uses the same mounting points as the K03, so it can still bolt in like OEM.

What is K04 upgrade?

This turbo kit allows you to run a Stage 2+ and Stage 3 tune in your Audi or Volkswagen. With the K04 turbo kit and the Stage 2+ tune, you will bump up your car from its stock 200 Wheel Torque/194 Wheel Horsepower to 340 Wheel Torque/312 Wheel Horsepower. The K04 Turbo Kit is made by several companies.

How good is the K04 turbo?

Overall this turbo is great, spools fast, sounds mean (I have a silicone turbo inlet pipe and cone filter with heat shield) and makes full boost (8psi) on a stock ko3 program. So YES you can swap this turbo in and run it on a stock tune but a k04 tune and supporting mods would be way better.

How much HP does a K04 turbo add?

Using 98-octane fuel, the APR K04 Turbocharger System produces an astonishing 348 horsepower and 342 ft-lbs of torque.

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How big is a K04 turbo?

On the turbine side, the OEM K04 uses a 50.1mm inducer and a 44.5mm exducer 12-blade cast wheel. The CST4 uses a 56.2mm inducer and 49mm exducer high-flow 9-blade design. Again, the CST4 outshines the K04 with the turbine inducer being 12% larger and the exducer 10% larger.

How much HP does a K03 turbo add?

The K03 turbocharger is designed to be used on engines displacing 1.3L-2.0L and is typically good for around 250HP.

How much psi can a K03 turbo handle?

I`ve read that ~20 psi is best that K03 can do without damaging.

What size turbo is a K03?

K03-005 K03-029 K03-073
Compressor Size: 36/50mmTurbine Size: 36/45mm Compressor Size: 36/50mmTurbine Size: 40/45mm Compressor Size: 38/51mmTurbine Size: 40/45mm
Engnes using this turbo:AEB,APU,ATW,ANB 150psAJL 180ps Engnes using this turbo:AVJ, AWT 150psBFB 163psAMB,AWM 170ps AWP 180ps Engines using this turbo:BEX,BVR 190ps

How do I know if I have a ko3s Turbo?

The K03, is the smallest one and was only really fitted to the early versions of 1.8T and the easiest way to tell is by looking at the blue tab on the compressor side of the turbo to see the part number. Alternatively, if the turbo is off the car, you can count the number of blades on the compressor turbine.

What cars have the IS12 Turbo?

The IS12 Turbo is found on vehicles with 1.8t MQB motors such as the MK7 Golf or Alltrack.

How can you tell a K03 turbo?

In the name plate appears the 3K part number, usually directly after the ‘p/n’ or ‘part number’ inscription, which already identifies the turbo for us. In some of the K0 and KP the part numbers appear abbreviated, see the examples below: K03-011 = 5303-988-0011. K031-014 = 5303-988-0014.

What is the difference between K03 and K03s?

The most considerable difference between the different types of turbos is in the number of blades. The K03 has 11 whereas the K03s has 8 blades.

What is a K04 turbo?

The APR K04 Turbocharger System is a drop in turbo upgrade that dramatically increases power. With this upgrade and accompanying software, expect power similar to a heavily tuned Golf R, S3, TT-S, and other high end vehicles, as the K04 comes standard on those vehicles.

Who makes K03 turbo?

K03 Turbo for 2.0T FSI Engine (Borg Warner)

Borg Warner is the original manufacturer of the stock K03 Turbo found on 2.0T FSI engines.

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