What BHP is a Vito 111 CDI?


Is the Mercedes Vito 1.6 any good?

The new Vito is very refined and quiet on the move thanks to quality engines and good noise insulation. The basic 1.6-litre engine in the 109 CDI can feel strained with a full load on board, but it’s fine around town. The Vito also handles well with good steering weight and impressive body control.

What engine is in the 1.6 Vito?

Mercedes Vito front-wheel drive

Front-wheel drive (FWD) versions are powered by a 1.6-litre diesel engine that’s also used in the Renault Trafic, Fiat Talento, Nissan NV300 and the old Vauxhall Vivaro. It comes in two power outputs, both paired with a six-speed manual gearbox: 109 CDI with 88hp and 230Nm.

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Are Mercedes Vitos reliable?

The Vito is a high-quality product, but its problem has always been persuading UK van buyers that it’s worth a premium over the mainstream alternatives. The latest model closes the price gap to its rivals, and it’s a great choice if you prioritise comfort, refinement, technology and a general classy feel.

Is the Mercedes Vito 4×4?

Permanent all-wheel drive for the professional user

The Vito is well known for its highly agile and precise handling. The Vito 4×4 enhances this impression thanks to its traction with permanent all-wheel drive and consequent maximum safety even under the most unfavourable conditions.

What engine is in Mercedes Vito?

Vito Tourer technical specifications

All Vitos are Euro 6d and the range offers front and rear wheel drive options. The OM 654 4-cylinder diesel engine is available on all rear-wheel drive Vito models. Expect more power than ever before and a more efficient drive, with improved noise and vibration comfort.

What engine is in a Mercedes Vito 114 CDI?

The Mercedes Benz Vito Compact 114 CDI RWD has a Inline 4, Diesel engine with 2143 cm3 / 130.8 cu-in capacity. How many horsepower (hp) does a 2019 Mercedes Benz Vito Compact 114 CDI RWD have? The 2019 Mercedes Benz Vito Compact 114 CDI RWD has 136 PS / 134 bhp / 100 kW.

Where is Vito made?

Around 3,500 employees manufacture the new Vito at the plant in Vitoria, Spain.

Is Vito V class?

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is a minivan (MPV) produced by Mercedes-Benz. It is available as a standard panel van for cargo (called Vito), or with passenger accommodations substituted for part or all of the load area (called V-Class or Viano).

Which is better V-Class or Vito?

The V-Class is so much nicer than the Vito Tourer inside that we’d still recommend the ‘car’ version over its cheaper ‘minibus’ alternative if you can afford the difference. And if you can’t, go for a nearly new V-Class instead of a box-fresh Vito Tourer – you won’t regret it.

How many seater is a Vito?

Vito Tourer PRO

Its standard specification includes 8 seats, thorax bags and windowbags at the front, as well as a wealth of comfort-enhancing equipment.

How big is a Mercedes Vito?

Mercedes-Benz Vito van exterior dimensions:
Mercedes Vito L1 L3
Exterior length 4,895mm 5,370mm
Exterior height 1,910mm 1,910mm
Exterior width with door mirrors 2,249mm 2,249mm
Wheelbase 3,200mm 3,430mm

Are Mercedes Vito good for towing?

The towing capacity of the Mercedes-Benz Vito supports up to 2500kg. This is a braked figure, while the maximum load for any vehicle without using trailer brakes is 750kg, if rated to tow that much in the first place.

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