Is Tuya and Smart Life app the same?

Tuya Smart App and Smart Life App are both official Tuya App. The only difference between the two is that the Tuya Smart App uses the Tuya logo and elements, while the Smart Life App removes all Tuya logo and elements.

What is Tuya smart for?

TuyaSmart has integrated with HealthKit. It allows you to seamlessly connect your health records using the body fat scale to Apple Health, where BMI, weight, height, fat percentage, and more can be found in Apple Health’s body measurements, giving you a clear and comprehensive picture of your health.

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Is Tuya a Chinese company?

‘Graffiti Intelligence’; dba Tuya Smart) is a Chinese artificial intelligence and Internet of things (IoT) platform as a service provider founded in 2014. The company provides a cloud development and management platform to developers, brands, and OEMs to program, manage, and monetize smart home and IoT devices.

Is Tuya a Zigbee or WiFi?

It is a mini Smart Gateway that Tuya develops. It consists of a highly integrated Wi-fi module, low power-consuming Zigbee module, and PCBA.

Is Tuya Smart trustworthy?

Regulating IoT

Crisler of Dark Cubed told VOA Mandarin that the company found numerous security risks in smart-device apps developed by Tuya. “There was a lot of potential for information leaks,” Crisler said. “Tuya owns the entire chain and there’s no insight into how they’re using that data.”

Which app is better Tuya or Smart Life?

Tuya vs Smart Life: Verdict

While both apps come from Tuya and have certain similarities, if you want the latest smart home features, Smart Life becomes the clear winner due to it supporting IFTTT. If you can live without the enhanced features of Smart Life, you can go for the Tuya App.

What are the risks of using Tuya Smart plugs?

But cybersecurity firm A&O IT Group found vulnerabilities in ITEAD’s Sonoff S26 and Ener-J Wi-fi (Tuya) smart plugs that would allow an attacker to easily access your wireless network. The first security vulnerability is pretty common and hard to exploit since it’s only a concern during the setup.

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Is Tuya compatible with Google?

As long as the product is embedded with the Tuya module and successfully connect to the third-party control service of Google Speaker, the relevant smart products in Tuya App can be controlled through the voice of the Google Speaker.

Is Tuya a WiFi?

All Tuya compatible devices work from the Tuya app. You can reach your devices from everywhere over the world. Works over WiFi and you don’t need a gateway for a large part of the devices.

Is Tuya Smart offline?

Actually, the device is not offline.

Is Tuya a good company?

Is Tuya a good company to work for? Tuya has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5, based on over 31 reviews left anonymously by employees. 59% of employees would recommend working at Tuya to a friend and 81% have a positive outlook for the business.

Why is Tuya going down?

Why Tuya Stock Collapsed Today. Shares of Tuya (NYSE: TUYA), an Internet of Things cloud development platform company, plummeted after it reported worse-than-expected second-quarter results for both its top and bottom lines.

Who is owner of Tuya?

Jerry Wang
Tuya Inc. / CEO

Who manufactures Tuya?

Tuya Smart, a Chinese technology startup that was founded just three years ago, is showcasing hundreds of smart products across six broad categories within its 1,950 square-foot (180 sq.

Is Tuya IoT free?

Control your Arduino projects from anywhere in the world with a free app thanks to the Tuya IoT interface!

Is Tuya compatible with Apple?

Tuya Smart Hub Zigbee Hub Homekit WiFi Smart Home Bridge For Alarm System, IR Remote Control, Home Automation Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

Can Tuya work with Siri?

The Siri access service associates your OEM App with Siri so that users can implement intelligent scenarios pre-configured on the app through Siri. For details, please click to view the service link: Siri Access service introduction. Note: The Siri access service is applicable only to iPhone iOS 12 or later versions.

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