Is the Shure SM7 worth it?

The quality provided with Shure SM7B corresponds to some of the condenser microphones that are 2x more expensive. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone costs around $399. It is a mid-range price microphone, but with the quality of recorded sound, this is a popular go-to model for many podcasters.

Did Michael Jackson use Shure SM7?

Over the course of past 30 years, the SM7 found its way into the recording studio. Case in Point: Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking album Thriller. Quincy Jones and recording engineer Bruce Swedien used an SM7 for most of Michael’s vocals and, according to legend, all of Vincent Price’s. It was a brave choice.

Why does everyone use the Shure SM7?

The Shure SM7B is beloved by professional musicians for its reliable performance, top-grade construction, and noise attenuating technology that lends itself to clear recordings. This isn’t a mic for those making their first foray into recording, rather it’s for aspiring professionals and industry veterans.

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What microphone did Michael Jackson use on stage?

Michael Jackson Official Site

The mic, known as the Shure SM7, was first introduced in 1973 and was used heavily on Thriller.

What microphones does Beyonce use?

Sennheiser SKM 9000

Beyoncé started using the Sennheiser Digital 9000 system on her Formation tour and has been using it ever since.

What is the Shure SM7B best used for?

The SM7b is often used as the lead vocal mic and on other applications, such as guitar amps, bass amps, kick drums, hi-hat, snare drums, horns and many more.

Why is the Shure SM57 so popular?

In short, the Shure SM57 is so popular due to its robust transient response, high SPL, lack of distortion at high volumes, the tight cardioid polar pattern for superior off-axis rejection and absolute indestructible design.

Who uses Shure SM7?

The SM7 was also used to record the haunting voiceover by Vincent Prince on the “Thriller” single. Other artists that have employed the dynamic workhorse for vocal recording duties include Green Day, Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, Metallica and many more.

Why do presidents use SM57?

The two-mic blue goose setup for the legendary SM57 — which, Shure boasts, “has an extremely effective cardioid pickup pattern that isolates the main sound source while minimizing background noise” — has been the presidential standard since I arrived at the White House in 1993 to serve as President Clinton’s director

Will 48v hurt an SM57?

The SM57 is a dynamic microphone. A professional, balanced, dynamic microphone will not be damaged by phantom power. It will “ignore” it.

Is SM7B better than SM57?

While the SM7B has a more prominent, extended, and better low-end response, the SM57 is crunchier. It does well with crunchy guitars and snares, as mentioned above. The SM7B is a lot better for vocals, specifically loud voices, soft voices, screamo, male rock, sibilant female vocals, and spoken word.

Why is the Shure SM57 good for snare?

When it comes to micing a snare drum, the SM57 has pretty much dominated for the best part of 50 years. The SM57 adds just the right amount of low-end weight, while also adding presence and ‘crack’ to the drum. For this reason, the 57 is a go-to mic and has featured on countless records throughout music’s history.

Is SM57 or SM58 better for vocals?

The SM58 is generally better for vocals and the SM57 is for everything else. Your personal taste will decide how, when, and where you want to use them. But rest assured, you’re getting a quality mic with either one.

Is the SM57 good for live vocals?

Live vocals 4.0

The SM57 is fantastic for live applications, mainly due its ability to handle high sound pressure levels, and reject unwanted background noise. Generally, the SM58 will be the microphone singers choose for live shows, but the SM57 will work just as well nine times out of ten.

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