Is Meet the Robinsons based on Walt Disney?

Who does Wilbur say his dad looks like?

In the U.S. version, Wilbur tells Lewis that his father, Cornelius, looks like Tom Selleck, who happens to be the voice-actor.

Did Meet the Robinsons Pixar?

This is the second CGI movie that Disney made without Pixar along with Chicken Little and also the first film by Walt Disney Animation Studios released after its acquisition of Pixar in 2006.

Where can u watch Meet the Robinsons?

Meet the Robinsons, a comedy movie starring Stephen J. Anderson, Angela Bassett, and Daniel Hansen is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox. or Apple TV on your Roku device.

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What are the Disney movies?

The Walt Disney Company/Films produced

Is there a Meet the Robinsons 2?

Despite the disappointing box office a sequel was in the works called Meet the Robinsons: 2: First Date, but was scrapped when John Lasseter officially took over full control and ended Disney’s direct-to-video sequel craze in favor of original projects.

Is there going to be another Chicken Little movie?

Template:Infobox film 2Chicken Little 2 is an animated science-fantasy comedy/adventure film produced at Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Released on June 4, 2021, it is the sequel to the 2005 film, Chicken Little.

Why are there 2 Voices for Lewis in Meet the Robinsons?

Two actors were needed to voice Lewis—Daniel Hansen began recording the voice in 2003, but as he grew and his voice changed, the producers had to find another kid, and they were lucky to find Jordan Fry, a young actor who sounded much like Daniel. 94 min.

Why was Meet the Robinsons Cancelled?


tentatively called Meet the Robinsons 2: First Date. It was being put together by DisneyToon Studios, however when Lasseter became CEO, this was another one he put on the chopping block, as he preferred to focus on spinoff films and original content over sequels.

Why is Aristocats Cancelled?

‘The Aristocats’ is canceled because of a racist depiction of one of the alley cats. Although some of us may have forgotten, others find the character, Shun Gon, one of the most memorable parts of The Aristocats.

What movies were removed from Disney plus?

Disney+ has also made some removals to fix some technical issues, these titles were removed, but readded within a week after being fixed.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • The Incredible Hulk: The Animated Series.
  • Schoolhouse Rock.
  • Miles From Tomorrow.
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

Why does the Aristocats have a warning?

Viewers of “The Aristocats” see a warning that says: “The cat is depicted as a racist caricature of East Asian peoples with exaggerated stereotypical traits.” Disney+ subscribers who log on to watch classic films like “Lady and the Tramp” or “Peter Pan” now see stronger advisory messages warning of racist content.

Why is Lady and the Tramp offensive?

Lady and the Tramp, from 1955, receives a similar warning for its Siamese cat characters Si and Am (voiced by Peggy Lee, who sings the film’s “The Siamese Cat Song,” a musical number that was cut from the 2019 live-action remake), as well as secondary canine characters each depicted with exaggerated ethnic stereotypes.

Why did Peter Pan get removed from Disney plus?

Disney+ removes ‘Peter Pan,’ ‘Dumbo’ from children’s profiles due to negative stereotypes. (WPDE) — Disney+ has removed several movies from children’s profiles on its service due to negative stereotypes.

Who is the father of the Aristocats?

While Thomas O’Malley basically becomes the kittens’ adoptive father by the end of the movie, it’s never mentioned who their biological dad is.

What breed of cat is Duchess?

Duchess is a long-haired purebred white Turkish Angora cat with blue eyes later described as shining like sapphires.

What kind of cat is Marie?

Marie is a small white purebred Turkish Angora kitten. She has long, white fur and bright blue eyes with long lashes; out of the 3 kittens, she bears the strongest resemblance to her mother. Her nose and paw pads are light pink, and she has 3 or 4 whiskers on either side of her face.

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