How many miles do BFG mud Terrains last?

Lifespan for mud-terrain tires is not one of their selling points. Some are worse than others. The BFGoodrich KM3 is touted as having a tougher sidewall, but the manufacturer makes no claims about improved wear over the KM2. In our testing, 5,500 miles of use on mixed surfaces resulted in 2/32” of wear.

Whats better KO2 or KM3?

The BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires have a closer tread pattern, which reduces road noise and increases grip on the pavement. They definitely provide better handling on the highway compared to the BFGoodrich KM3 tires, but they are no contest when it comes to off-road terrain.

What’s the difference between BFG KM2 and KM3?

It’s much more resistant to punctures and splitting, giving the KM3 a 27% tougher sidewall compared to the KM2. The KM3 uses what are called “mud-phobic” bars in the void areas of the outer tread. A key to mud performance is the tire’s ability to shed mud while spinning, providing clean biting edges.

How many ply is the BFG Mud-Terrain?

Product information
Manufacturer ‎BFGOODRICH
Maximum Pressure ‎44 Pound per Square Inch
Ply Rating 8-Ply
Tire Diameter ‎32 Inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎32 x 10 x 32 inches

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Are mud tires good in snow?

Mud Tires Are Not Designed for Snow

Your mud tires’ deep channels allow for a continuous grip on the ground while plowing through a muddy field. And what falls out of those channels is more liquid than snow and ice. Snow will pack into those deep channels on your mud terrain tires and reduce traction.

Are BFG UTV tires DOT approved?

The Mud-Terrain T/A® KM3 UTV tires are not DOT approved.

Can you put car tires on a UTV?

Truck or car tires likely wouldn’t fit on a UTV or ATV without serious modifications. This Is because the bolt pattern on car wheels and ATV/UTV wheels is different and would require expensive modifications to make them fit each other. Truck tires would also be too large to fit.

Are Maxxis tires DOT approved?

Best of all, it is DOT-approved for limited road use. The Maxxis Bighorn is one of the most popular off-road tires. It’s a 6-ply, with a non-directional tread.

Are Maxxis carnivore DOT approved?

DOT rated? A: They are not DOT rated. Maxxis does not have DOT rated UTV tires as UTV tires are not approved by the DOT for on-road use.

Are Maxxis Liberty tires DOT approved?

Description. The Liberty is engineered for performance to give you and your side-by-side freedom in a variety of terrains.. ML3 exceeds DOT test standards.

Are Sedona Coyote tires DOT approved?

ITP® Coyote®

The 32 inch, 8 ply rated radial tire is compliant with DOT testing standards and proudly made in the USA.

Are Sedona rockabilly tires DOT approved?


Reason for being one of the Best DOT UTV Tires: The Rock-a-Billy features an aggressive tread design with integrated side lugs to grip in extreme riding conditions. The new tread compound is designed to outlast, out-grip and outperform the competition.

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