How do I download Navionics charts for free?

Download Chart Layers to Your Navionics Card​
  1. Launch the Chart Installer, choose your chart coverage, and use the pins to select the area you want to download.
  2. Select the layers to download.
  3. Once the download is completed, the area appears highlighted on the map.

What charts do Navionics use?


Understand depths and bottom detail with our innovative 1′ bathymetry charts. They’re created by using Navionics proprietary systems that process sonar data contributed by boaters with existing content.

Is there a free version of Navionics?

Navionics offers a free Boating app download for Apple and Android. The free app download includes basic features and a two-week free trial of charts and advanced features. After your free trial period, you will have access to base mapping only. Basic features are also still included.

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What is Navionics called now?

Navionics — a Garmin brand. We provide marine navigation charts with exceptional coverage, clarity, and detail for GPS chartplotters and mobile devices. Follow us for the latest coastal and inland content!

How much is Navionics per year?

It costs $14.99 per year for just the U.S., $28.99 for regions from Mexico, Caribbean, to Brazil, and $35.99 to access maps of Greenland and Iceland. But that’s just a few of the regions you can purchase coverage for. Navionics’ subscription coverage essentially spans the entire globe.

What is the best free marine navigation app?

And because they download to your iPhone, Android or tablet, you can carry them with you from boat to boat.

Here are our top choices for boat navigation apps:

  • Navionics.
  • iNavX.
  • C-Map.
  • SeaPilot.
  • iSail GPS.
  • KnowWake.

What is the best free lake map app?

Navionics Marine & Lakes has long been one of the best navigation apps available for Android and IOS devices. It incorporates the excellent Navionics Gold vector charts with map, satellite and terrain overlays, all for free.

What happens when Navionics subscription expires?

The Garmin Navionics+ cartography subscription expires after one year. After the subscription expires, the downloaded charts can still be used, it will not be possible to download the latest chart updates or additional content. Use the ActiveCaptain app to renew the subscription.

How much is the Navionics app cost?

A Navionics subscription starts at $20.99 for nautical charts of the USA and has additional costs if you want charts of other regions.

What happened to Navionics?

Navionics was founded in 1984, when Giuseppe Carnevali and Fosco Bianchetti introduced the world’s first marine electronic chart plotter, the Geonav. In 2007, Navionics sold the Geonav product line, to focus solely on the production of electronic charts. On October 27, 2017, Navionics was acquired by Garmin Ltd.

Does Navionics show speed?

Simply tap Start when you’re ready to set off, and the app will record your track using your device’s internal GPS. See real-time stats for time, speed, and distance in a customizable display.

How long does a Navionics subscription last?

The Navionics Subscriptions

When you purchase any new product, a one year subscription to daily updates and many advanced features is included. Check if your GPS plotter model is compatible with advanced features and make sure it is running the latest software.

Does Navionics work without Internet?

If you want to use the app without Wi-Fi, all you need to do is download the maps beforehand for the area you are interested in. Charts, GPS location and most features can be used offline. Let’s have a more detailed look at chart layers and some of the main available features.

Do I have to pay to update my Navionics card?

If in the future you want to update the Navionics plotter card subscription through the app, and not by removing it from your plotter, you have to then get the subscription to the Navionics mobile app. The subscription to the Navionics mobile app also offers many other advanced features.

Can I have Navionics on 2 devices?

The app stores allow you to install the app to multiple devices – up to 6 for Apple and unlimited for Android. Any purchased region of coverage is connected through your Navionics account and can be restored within the app using your email and password.

Do you have to pay for Navionics every year?

When you purchase a new Garmin Navionics+ or Garmin Navionics Vision+ cartography product, a one-year subscription is included. For chart cards bought in-store or online, the subscription needs to be activated.

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