Has Van Hage been sold?

Holdings can today confirm the sale of our Trading company, Van Hage and Co. Ltd and our Garden Centre business to the Blue Diamond Group. The entire trading business, all colleagues and centres will now become part of the successful Blue Diamond family of garden centres with immediate effect.

When did Van Hage Peterborough open?

Our fantastic Peterborough garden centre opened in February 2010 at the heart of PE1 Retail Park and has since been voted the ‘Best Garden Centre in the Midlands’ by the Garden Centre Association.

When did Van Hage open?

The real business started in 1968 when the Van Hages bought an existing rose nursery at Great Amwell and redeveloped the site completely. Their timing was perfect because the gardening business in the UK was undergoing a transformation.

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How many Van Hage are there?

Our three Garden Centres are based in Great Amwell, Chenies and Peterborough and are more than just a Garden Centre!

When did moss and moor open?

Moss and Moor will include a 230-seat restaurant/café incorporated into a large garden centre, alongside a food hall and retail outlets. It is set to open in February 2021 and is expected to create around 30 jobs.

Is Ilkley in North Yorkshire?

Ilkley is a spa town and civil parish in the City of Bradford in West Yorkshire, in Northern England.

Are moss plants?

They’re ancient plants

Mosses are non-flowering plants which produce spores and have stems and leaves, but don’t have true roots. Mosses, and their cousins liverworts and hornworts, are classified as Bryophyta (bryophytes) in the plant kingdom.

Is moss harmful to humans?

According to McCune, there are no varieties of moss to his knowledge that are toxic, either to humans or animals. So although the plant isn’t very nutritious, it is no more harmful to your dog or baby than grass would be.

Does moss clean the air?

Moss naturally filters pollutants from the air very effectively. Using remote technology, the CityTree combines this moss air purifying factor with remote technology to increase the air flow through the “trees”.

Is moss good for anything?

Moss is an excellent alternative to mulch since it absorbs water, prevents erosion and debris can be blown off easily because of its compact growth habit. It is also useful in mosquito control since it does not become stagnant, but purifies water.

Is moss a plant or algae?

Mosses are green plants somewhat similar to algae except they have a complex structure that resembles stems and leaves. Because they contain chlorophyll, mosses can manufacture their own food. Mosses grow on soils, on tree trunks and branches, on rocks, and in water.

Is moss alive or not?

Mosses are small plants, usually found in damp or shady locations. Preserved moss is natural moss that is no longer alive and has been carefully preserved for decorative purposes through an eco-friendly process.

Is moss a bacteria or plant?

Although moss and lichens are both called non-vascular plants, only mosses are plants. Mosses are included in a group of non-vascular plants called bryophytes. Mosses are believed to be the ancestors of the plants we see today, like trees, flowers, and ferns.

Is moss a plant or protist?

Mosses are small flowerless green plants. They belong to the kingdom of Protists. They belong to the division of bryophytes under the kingdom Plantae. Algae are not closely related, so they are a polyphyletic group of organisms.

Is there bacteria in moss?

Moss microbiomes are characterized by a core community of bacteria that are typically abundant in many common boreal and tundra mosses [13, 15]. The moss microbiome is often highly host specific, with different moss species harboring distinct bacterial communities [15, 16].

Is a moss asexual?

In addition to sexual reproduction, mosses can reproduce asexually (vegetatively). The method they use to accomplish this depends on the situation they’re in. When the stem of a large clump of moss dies back, the stem-less clump becomes individual plants.

Is moss a fungus or algae?

In short, a moss is a simple plant, and a lichen is a fungi-algae sandwich. Mosses are multicellular organisms with leaflets made of photosynthetic cells, just as with trees, ferns and wildflowers.

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