Does Calathea like sun or shade?

Calatheas thrive in medium, indirect sunlight but tolerate lower light levels too. Bright direct sunlight can cause the stunning colours on their leaves to fade, with prolonged exposure likely to burn and scorch their leaves.

Can Calathea be kept indoors?

It is a type of plant that prefers indirect lighting, which means makes it perfect for indoor usage and office buildings. Calathea plants are popular for indoor purposes because they are generally easy to care for and they look great, offering bright green plants to liven up indoor spaces.

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What are Calathea good for?

Calathea is a houseplant that really purifies the air, so it is a true eye-catcher in every interior that also makes a contribution to a better and healthier indoor climate. Calathea is also special for another reason: it closes its leaves at night and opens them again in the morning!

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Where should calathea be placed in the house?

Calatheas are used to growing in shady tropical, humid climates, which makes them perfect for low-light spots in your home. Keep them positioned away from direct sunlight or very hot, dry air. Too much light will damage their leaves, but too little will limit growth.

Is calathea a lucky plant?

Calathea Louisae ‘Maui Queen’

Jade: In feng shui, this plant is also known as the money tree because the round leaves symbolize good fortune (this can come in the form of money, health, or fame).

Do calatheas purify the air?

Calathea. A beautiful tropical houseplant, calathea thrives in spots with high humidity, making it a particularly good pick for kitchens and bathrooms. There is a wide variety of types available; all are good at making clean air in homes and offices.

What does Calathea symbolize?

Symbolism. The Calathea symbolises a new beginning. That meaning is derived from the expression ‘to turn over a new leaf’, which is what the plant does when it gets dark. So give a Calathea as a gift to someone who starting afresh.

Why is Calathea a prayer plant?

The name “prayer plant” came to be due to these plants’ foliage’s specific movement during the night and day cycle. The leaves raise and close up at night, assuming a position that some say resembles the praying hands.

How do you know if calathea is happy?

Calatheas are well known for their gorgeous foliage and, as they are prayer plants, for their wonderful leaf movement. If you have a happy and healthy calathea you should see some level of leaf movement. As the night falls, your plant should fold its leaves up, closing them and showing the undersides of the leaves.

Should I mist calathea every day?

So plan on misting your Calathea regularly (once a week is ideal) to ensure it receives the moisture it craves. Misting is also a great way of interacting with your Calathea and keeping yourself busy without overwatering it, a common mistake that can cause damage that is difficult to undo!

Are calathea high-maintenance?

These high-maintenance plants require a weekly to biweekly watering schedule, and you’ll usually want to err on the safe side and use filtered water so that your plant doesn’t experience mineral buildup. Calatheas are also sensitive to heat exhaustion, so keep your home temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why are Calatheas so difficult?

A calathea with its exotic foliage, is a bit difficult to care for and has very specific water, light, and fertilizer requirements. However, like many other fussy plants, a calathea plant is well worth the effort.

Do Calatheas need deep pots?

A container that’s 8 to 10 inches across and deep should work well for a calathea plant. Make sure it has ample drainage holes. In addition, unglazed clay can be a good material to allow excess soil moisture to evaporate through its walls if you have a tendency to overwater.

Do Calatheas like big pots?

While some houseplants prefer lots of space to stretch their roots, Calathea plants prefer smaller containers. Like many other tropical plants, Calatheas grow best when slightly constricted by a container only just a little larger than its root mass.

What pots are best for Calathea?

Terra cotta wicks away excess moisture, leaving the soil optimally moist. But if you live in a dry place or have a tendency to under-water, consider sticking with a plastic pot. Make sure any pot has a drainage hole, as excess water can cause root rot.

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